5 Habits to help you make a difference in the quality of your life

1- Be thankful

Practicing gratitude on a regular basis has many proven health benefits, including improved relationships, better mental and physical health, and higher self-esteem.So, whenever you notice something in your life that you appreciate, say a silent – or even a not-so-quiet – “thank you.” Say thank you for anything, whether it’s a kind conversation with a stranger, a delicious meal, a dependable car, or a helpful coworker.

2- Maintain a Daily Journal

Journaling helps you clear your mind for the day, puts your brain in creative mode, helps you identify goals for the day, helps you achieve them, and it’s also relaxing.

One way to ensure you write every day is to keep a journal next to your bed so you can do it first thing in the morning when you wake up or right before you go to bed at night.

3- Exercise Your Body

If you have access to a gym and use it, that’s fantastic. Don’t worry if you don’t. Walking, yoga, dancing, or light weight lifting for 10 to 30 minutes will provide all of the benefits of a gym workout.

4- Exercise morning meditation

A meditation exercise doesn’t want to be half-hour long to be beneficial. Even 5 mins of sitting quietly together along with your eyes closed at the same time as concentrating in your breath, a prayer, or a mantra can reduce pressure and anxiety, lower blood sugar, enhance mind health, and growth advantageous feelings.

And the awesome information is that your meditation is simply as effective whether you’re sitting on a cushion, in a chair, or in your couch. Create a comfortable, sacred area in which you may decide to a steady exercise for the maximum benefit.

5- Listen to Motivational Music or Speeches

The quality of what you devour undoubtedly impacts your power level and mood. Media full of negativity can adversely have an effect on your temper and health, but better vibration media can energize and heal you.Try starting your day with the aid of using fasting from social media and television. Instead, placed on a few feel-proper music to accompany your morning habitual or commute. If you don’t have song you like already, seek on-line for “positive music” or “motivational videos”

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