How to Improve Your English by Using YouTube!

Everyone loves YouTube!

On YouTube, you can find almost anything! For example, I enjoy watching how-to videos to fix things around the house. But you can also use it to learn English, and there are a plenty of of excellent resources available.

YouTube Videos to Help You in Mastering the English Phonemic Chart

Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never perfectly learned the phonemic pronunciation of the English alphabet– go to YouTube! Use the search term “English pronunciation phonemic” to find a plethora of videos to assist you. If you plan to study English in the United States, look for videos that teach the American accent, as letters are pronounced differently than, say, the British phonemic sounds!

Here’s an example:

English Pronunciation Videos to Supplement Your Education

We are including English pronunciation in our Bridge classes, but this is usually an area where students want more practice outside of class. So, searching for English pronunciation videos on YouTube is a good way to take learning into your own hands. There are numerous videos dedicated to pronunciation, and watching a number of them will expose you to the many accents used by English speakers, including regional accents in the United States and accents from other countries, such as the United Kingdom or Australia.

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