How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do little daily things that you would not typically do.
Every day, set tiny goals for yourself. Look for small methods to push yourself beyond of your comfort zone. Once you’ve made stepping outside of your comfort zone a daily habit, dealing with larger obstacles will be lot easier.
For instance, you could strike up a discussion with a stranger at the grocery store, listen to a new kind of music on your way to work, or experiment with a different flavored coffee in the morning.

Make every day a learning journey.
Change your perspective on your daily existence. Consider each day as an opportunity to learn something new. Keep in mind that this can only happen if you move outside of your comfort zone. You can accomplish this by constantly looking for ways to improve.
For example, begin reading a book you’ve been meaning to read. Purchase a different newspaper from the one you usually read. To get to work, take an alternative path. When you investigate diverse aspects of the world, you never know what you’ll discover!

Choose activities that motivate you.
Consider a few things that frighten or make you nervous. Make a list of them and put a star next to the one you wish to start with. You can deal with the others later. Making a list assists you in developing a strategy for how you wish to present yourself. Coming up with particular ideas, rather than merely thinking about it, encourages you to put these plans into action.
“Go skydiving, read Moby Dick, write a short story, go on a blind date,” for example, may be on your list.

Bring a friend for extra support.
Trying something new on your own can make it even more difficult. There’s no reason you can’t ask your friends or family for assistance in breaking out of your comfort zone! Choose someone who is naturally adventurous to join you in exploring new things. Bring a friend if you establish a goal to trek somewhere different every weekend, for example. It will be more enjoyable to reach the finish of the route with a friend, and they will make you feel more at ease traversing the strange territory.
If you decide to learn to cook, invite a friend who is interested in cooking to join you in a cooking class. 

face an ultimatum
Don’t give yourself an escape route. Tell yourself that you are trying this new thing. You want to take a painting class, but you may be nervous because you’ve never painted before. In fact, I suddenly worry that I don’t enjoy painting at all. Tell yourself that if you fail class, you won’t be able to watch new episodes of your favorite TV shows. No need to start over if you don’t like the new one. Give it a try then you can make an informed decision about whether you like it or not. Punishment for ultimatums should be primarily mental, but if you’re really fighting, be specific. Tell yourself: “Don’t drink coffee for a month if you don’t try this.” 

Think Positive to Overcome Fear
Visualize challenges as opportunities for growth. The biggest obstacle that keeps us from stepping out of our comfort zone is fear, especially the fear of failure. Instead of focusing on the possibility of failure, see every step outside of your comfort zone as an opportunity. You may be on the verge of changing your life for the better!
Getting out of your comfort zone can make you happier and more fulfilled. Notice these positive ways to banish fear. For example, you might want your name on the ring that you just got promoted at work, but you’re afraid you won’t get the job. Imagine what it would be like to get  

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